Jordyn wearing a white blouse and white jeans, holding a large white candle in a glass bowl, sitting in front of a patterned cream wall and indoor fireplaceHi - I'm Jordyn! My handmade candle-making journey started when I got curious about the ingredients in the candles I was burning at my home in White Rock, BC. With nothing but time on my hands during the pandemic and Christmas on the horizon, I learned how to make clean-burning candles to give as gifts for family and friends over the holidays. At the rate I was burning, I knew I wanted to create a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing candle that's kind to the environment, home and body. With this in mind, Rise Candle Collective was born! I'm blessed to continue working at my 9-5 and make small batches of hand-poured soy candles after hours. I'm a one-woman show, learning it all along the way... what could go wrong?! (Please don't test me Universe.)
As Rise Candle Collective continues to evolve, I would love to connect and hear any thoughts, comments or suggestions from you!